Past Reunions


Washington D.C.---2015

Louisville, KY---July 2014

New Orleans, LA---August 2012

Ft. Rucker, AL---June 2011 (145th CAB)

San Diego, CA---July 2010

33rd in Florida---Sept 2009

Philadelphia, PA---July 2009

San Antonio, TX--July 2008

Phoenix, AZ--July 2007

Ft. Rucker--June 2007 (145th CAB)

Washington D.C.--July 2006

Kansas City, MO--Sept. 2005 (145th CAB)

Dallas, TX--July 2004

Orlando, FL--July 2003

Reno, NV--May 2003

DFW Airport--October 2002

Las Vegas, NV--July 2002

Wash. D.C.--August 2001 (145th CAB)

Denver, CO--July 2001

Atlanta, GA--June 1990




DFW Airport--October 4-6, 2002

For only the 2nd time since Vietnam, former pilots of the 33rd Transportation Company, 118th Aviation Company (AML) and 118th Assault Helicopter Company gathered to laugh, show slides, gaze at pictures and scrap books plus, remember the good and bad times from 30+ years ago! Lots of thinning hair, extra pounds and wrinkles were present were once thick hair, firm bodies and taut skin existed. Interestingly, a once familiar smile, gesture or laugh still remained and was recognizable despite the long years that had passed.

Jim Thorne, former Bandit 36 (67-68), and several of the men who served during his time, put together a very enjoyable and meaningful gathering for approximately 85 former Thunderbird pilots. Many who came had never attended a reunion before! And most, no doubt, had thoughts about what they would say, feel or do. Yet, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event and most promised to "do it again, soon"!

Because of the number of people who attended, group photos by year groups were taken and appear below. An attempt was made to try and get a photo of everyone at the reunion. However, some just slipped by and were missed. Some of those who did not get in the group photos, can be seen further down the page.


Kneeling (L to R): Dale Minner MD, Richard LeJeune , Ken Stanton, Bill Rhyne,
Jack Clark, Tom Watson and Chad Payne.
Middle Row (L to R): Don Parrish, Vince McNeese, Frank Maus, Don Chadwick,
Les Valouche, Josue Gomez , Frank Radspinner.
Back Row (L to R): Tom McLarney, Gary Fischer , Bill Wilson , ? , Bill Petty , Alan Laya, John Fuller.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Kneeling (L to R): Jack Clark, Jack Waters, Tom Payne, George Owens, Bob Michel, Bill Bradner.
Back Row (L to R): John Bearrie , Bob Kelley, William P. Wilkerson, MD, Carl Garrett, Bob Hoffman,
Ted Jambon, Bill Benton, Larry Lombard and Joe Boggs.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)
Kneeling (L to R): Greg Thornton, Ken Dolan, Rich Casper, Patrick Conway, Tom Ruggieri.
Middle Row(L to R): Harold Tanner, Lonnie Schmidt, Jack Swickard, Bob Nelson , Dan Hart,
Joe Michalkiewicz, Jack Mullican .
Back Row(L to R): Wayne Kacedan, Randy Meade , Jim Thorne, Dick Dyer, Tom Story, Tom Walker .
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)
Front Row (L to R): Robert Brightwell , Leroy Spivey, Bob Rich , John Britton.
Back Row(L to R): Loel Letts , Raul "Pete" Smith, (Someone hidden?), Robert Shain,
Maurice Vanden Eykle, George Estess .
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)
(L to R): Steve Kilbourne, Bill Hirtle, Ron Disbro , Marion C. "Bo" Ford & Wayne Guffy, Jr.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Attending the reunion at DFW over the week-end of Oct 4-6, 2002 were six(6) of the 18 commanders of the 33rd/118th. Each CO took a few minutes during the final dinner to speak about things they remembered about their command of the 33rd/118th. Several former 3's or Operations Officers spoke for their commanders who were not present.

As far as is known, all previous commanders are still alive with the exception of the first CO, Joe Henderson, who died of a heart condition in 1996.


Vincent McNeese


Harvey Stewart

Ted Jambon
Opns Off


George Owens


Joe Boggs

Bill Bradner


Bob Shain
XO & Opns Off


John Britton

(Photos courtesy Jack Swickard)

More Thunderbirds at DFW


Tom Kilpela and Raul "Pete" Smith.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


John Bearrie and Jim Fuller.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


L to R:
George Estess, T.H.Bilbrey, Jack Mullican,
Ken Nelson, Tom Ruggieri.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Looking at slides are L to R: Ted Jambon,
Dale Minner, MD and Bob Michel.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Unidentified lady and Warren George
looking at memorabilia.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Joe Michalkiewicz, Ken Dolan and Jim Thorne.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


L to R:
Lonnie Schmidt, Tom Story, Marv Levine
and Tom Payne.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Frank Radspinner and wife.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Tollie Adkins and wife.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Jack Mullican, Dan Nelson and George Estess.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Don Morris(68th Top Tiger/Mustang-66)
and Charlie Prather.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Robert Shain and Maurice Vanden Eykle.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Harvey Steward and Jim Thorne.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


L to R:
Greg Thornton, Tom Story, Leroy Spivey and
Tom Watson.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Taking their refreshments outside during
a fire alarm at the hotel.
L to R: Diane Meade, Barbara Letts,
Loel Letts, Randy Meade
and Earlene Thorne.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


Les Valouche and Pat McLarney telling war stories.
(Photo courtesy Jack Swickard)


L to R: Clyde Gudermuth, Jack Waters and
Ted Jambon reliving moments from the past.
(Photo courtesy Clyde Gudermuth)



Banquet view of 118th reunion at DFW.
(Photo courtesy Bob Brightwell)

If you have some photos of guys who did not get in any of the photos, please contact the Webmaster and they can be added.

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