40 year REUNION

Of Originals




4-6 MAY 2003

All former members (Officer, Warrant Officer, Noncommissioned Officers and enlisted soldiers) of the 33rd Transportation Company (Lt Hel) (H21), 118th Airmobile Company, 573rd CHFM/ 93rd Med Det/ AND THE 198TH Sig Det personnel assigned to those units during inclusive dates Jan 62 through Sep 63 met for their first stand-alone reunion in 40 years! The Thunderbird Lounge was open beginning at 1200 hours 4 May 2003 and remained open until the END!

Folks began arriving on Saturday May 3rd and some stayed over until May 8th. The Thunderbird Lounge Suite opened Saturday afternoon and the games began (guessing who it was that walked in the door next)? and the bar was open for business. Those attending were: R.C. Guinn, Dick Olsen, Don Olsen, "Fox Peter" Cullen, Dick Loynachan, Leo "The Rock" Morawski, Peter Fabien, John Ness, Dick Glasgow, Jerry McGuffey, Tommy Cruz, Jim "Dan" Dailey, John Schommer, Ben Luck, Richard Keehn, Curt Poree, Ken Stanton, Bob DeSantis, Wally Larson, Tom Watson, Don Houston, Dick Keith, Dick Spear. "Andy" Anderson's wife also attended, and Dale Minner, MD. It was a total of 25 of the ORIGINAL 33rd/118th aviators. Sadly, none of the enlisted crewmen, other than Curt Poree who was one of the original 33rd crewchief's could be found. Curt later graduated from flight school and returned to Vietnam as a UH1 pilot during 1967.

All present indicated that they would like to get together again in two years and it might just happen. This was the first time in forty years that many had seen each other and it was just like "old times." It was a tight group back in 62-63 and nothing had changed since. Overall, there were no fights, some good stories, some not so good stories, and even a few lies (OK, many lies). It was just great to be together again. Eleven of the wives also attended and they seem to throughly enjoy watching their husbands reliving old times and old friendships.


A Gathering of Eagles


Bellying up to the bar in the Thunderbird Lounge/Suite are: L to R: John Ness,
Wally Larson, Jerry McGuffy(head down),
Jim "Dan" Dailey(gray stripes)
and Dick Glasgow.
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)


Dr. Dale Minner, Flight Surgeon
and Tommy Cruz.
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)


L to R: Jerry McGuffey, John Ness,
Dan Dailey and Dick Glasgow.
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)


L to R: Bob Brandt, Wally Larson
and John Schommer.
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)

Bob De Santis be thinking:
"Hmm! how does this thing operate?".
Fox Cullen on right has other things
on his mind.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Don(with original 33 cap) and Dick Olsen
as they usually arrange themselves for photos.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Don Olsen and Render Guinn
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Pete and Miriam Fabien and Carmen and Leo Morawski deep in breakfast on last morning.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Don Houston, Dick Glasgow and Jim Dailey telling "big" stories.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Doug Keith and Dick Glasgow.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: John Ness, Fox Cullen and
Bob DeSantis mixing up a "wicked brew".
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Rich Keehn and Dick Loynachan
taking a rest and writing a check.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Tom Watson and Dick Glasgow.
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


L to R: Wally Larson(seated), Dick Spear(camera)
& Jim Dailey(seated).
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)



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