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33rd Trans Co. in Florida --Fall 2009

A small group of the "Originals" of the 33rd Transportation Company gathered for a reunion at the homes of Ken Stanton in Lake Placid, FL. and Jim Harvey in Estero, FL. Below are two photos provided of that gathering.

L to R: Rich Keehn, Ken Stanton, Bob Brandt, Jim Harvey, Bill James and Dick Spear
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)

L to R: Ken Stanton, Bill James(in back), Dick Spear, Bob Brandt, Jim Harvey(stripped shirt) and Rich Keehn
(Photo courtesy Bob Brandt)

Philadelphia, PA--July 3, 2009

At the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association annual reunion in Philadelphia, PA, the 118th AHC "Thunderbirds" held a mini-reunion. In all some 21 former Thunderbirds registered and a couple more showed up.

Front Row L to R: Tom "Tail Spin" Morley (70), Duane Speirs (69-60),
Ronald Suess (70-71)
Back Row L to R: Dale "Trail" Moore (68-70), Glenn Clark (69-70)
Dennis Gulich (70-71), Gayle Truitt (69-70)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Kneeling L to R: Tom Payne (66-67), Al Croteau (67-68)
Back Row L to R: Louis Palombo (65-66), Reed Kimzey (66-67),
BG John "Doc" Bahnsen, Ret. (65-66) & Pearce "Rocky" Lane (65).
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


L to R: Donald Chadwick (63-64), Frank Maus (63-64), Tom Watson (63-64),
Pearce "Rocky" Lane (65), Alan Laya (63-64)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)



L to R: Duane Speirs (69-70), Gayle Truitt (69-70)
and Mike Hurley (64-65).


Mike Hurley (64-65) looks at map as
Reed Kimzey (66-67) tells a story.


A special guest of ??


Alan Laya ( 63-64) visits with Louis Palombo (65-66).


Tom "Tail Spin" Morley with family and buddies,
Dennis Gulich and Ronald Suess.


L to R: Ralph Pool (69-70) surpisesd everyone as a late
registrant to the reunion, talks to Ronald Suess.


Pearce "Rocky" Lane explaining what
he has been up to for the last 40 years.


Tom "Tail Spin" Morley doing his thing
telling a story to everyone at the mini-reunion.

(Above photos courtesy Tom Payne)

Pearce "Rocky" Lane tells a story as the group listens!!
Also registered/present but not in photos were: Tom Baca (66-67), Jack Swickard (67-68), Charles Williams (69-70),
Jack Phillabaum (63-64), Robert Nelson (67-68) and Chick Luther (70)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)

San Antonio, TX--July 4, 2008

The 118th AHC "Thunderbirds" held a mini-reunion in conjunction with the VHPA annual reunion in San Antonio, TX. Initially, 24 former Thunderbirds registered but, in the end a total of 28 showed up. Included in that number were three former EM crew members who made a special effort to attend.(John Kelley, George Colbert and Michael Breaux)


Kneeling (L to R) : Michael Breaux(Crew Chief, 69-71), Dennis Gulich (70-71), Gale Truitt (69-70), Duane Speirs( 69-70).
Standing (L to R): Ron Disbro (70-71), Frank Basaldua (69-70), Ronald Suess (70-71), Dale Moore( 68-70), Glenn Clark( 69-70).
In Back (Red) : Rocklin Lyons (70).
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)
Kneeling (L to R): George Fasching (67-68), Bob Rich (68) , George Colbert (Gunner, 67-68)
Back Standing (L to R): John Kelley (Plt SGT, 67-68), Jim Thorne (67-68), Randy Meade (69-70), Jack Swickard (67-68)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)
(Really "Old Guys")
L to R: Mike Hurley (64-65), Donald Parrish (64-65), Josh Gomez (64-65) and Les Valouche (63-64)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)
Mixed Up
L to R: John Wrinkle (68-69), Stephen Carlson (68-69), Tom Payne (66-67) and Bob Rich (68)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Stephen Carlson and Bob Rich
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Stephen Carlson, Jack Swickard and Jim Ellis(65-66)
In the background is the T-shirt quilt made by
Tom Payne's wife, Wanda Payne.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Ron Disbro telling "war stories" and looking
at photo album with Michael Breaux (69-71)
a Crew Chief who came from Louisiana.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Deep in "war stories" are Glenn Clark (partial hidden), Angus Desveaux (white cap), Dale Moore (beer in hand) and George Fasching (red suspenders)
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


George Fasching (Bird Watcher 6 and first time attendee)visiting with Jim Thorne.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Dennis Gulich with George Colbert, (67-68)
a former Gunner with the 118th
who traveled from
Oklahoma City, OK.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Randy Meade, Les Valouche and Josh Gomez.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Rocklin Lyons (in Red) visiting with
Ron Suess, Ron Disbro.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Michael Breaux a former Crew Chief (69-71)
from Louisiana.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Reed Kimzey shows photo to John and Judith Wrinkle.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


John and Judith Wrinkle, Tom Payne and Reed Kimzey.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Mike Hurley, Don Parrish
Josh Gomez and Les Valouche.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)
Thanks to Mary and George Fasching who live in San Antonio, the highlight for the Thunderbird Mini-reunion was a dinner atop the Tower of the Americas the evening of July 4th. Some 21 of those who wished to attend the reservation only dinner, walked a couple blocks to the 750 foot Tower and rode elevators to the Chart House restaurant at the top. The following photos were taken atop the Tower of the Americas.
Tower of the Americas, a San Antonio, TX landmark since 1968!
Waiting on the elevator to go to the top!!
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


View to the North and the USAA Tower.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Fabulous sunset from atop the Tower of the Americas.
George Fasching at far end of table.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Charlie Bennett, Jim Ellis, Geneva Ellis
and Mary Fasching.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Sandy Kimzey and Grand daughter Bonnie.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)


Wanda Payne and Renee Swickard.
(Photo courtesy Tom Payne)

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