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Louisville, KY---July 2014

Most of the attendees at the VHPA annual reunion held at the Galt Hotel in Louisville, KY in July 2014.
Front Row: L to R: Bob Rich, Duane Speirs (69-70), Dennis Gulich (70-71), Dave "Bear" Bryant (69-70)
Sue Shumacher (Daughter of MIA WO Donald R. Saegaert -65), Glenn Weber (66-66)
Back Row: L to R: Tom Payne (66-67), ?, Bob Wrinkle (68-69) Gale Truitt (69-70) Glenn Clark (69-70)
Pat McLarney (65-66), -?- , - ? -.


Sue Schumacher, daughter of MIA WO Donald R. Saegaert,
who remains were never recovered at the
Battle of Dong Xoai in June 1965.
She is still working with the US and
Vietnamese to search for her father's remains.
Pat McLarney has been working with her on the endeavor.


Glenn Webber with Donald Wrinkle and wife Loy Wrinkle visiting at the 118th mini-reunion.


New Orleans, LA---August 2012

The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association held its 29th Annual reunion at the Hilton Hotel Riverside in New Orleans, LA on August 1-4, 2012.
The 33rd Transportation Co./118th Thunderbirds held a mini-reunion at the VHPA reunion and 31 former Thunderbirds registered. Below are some photos of those who came by the Thunderbird mini-reunion to visit.

First time attendee, Charles Rampey (69-70) and Bob Rich (68-69)
Sixteen of the 31 Thunderbirds who registered for the reunion and attending the mini-reunion.
Front Row (L ro R): Duane Speirs (69-70), Ronald Suess (70-71), Gale Truitt (69-70), Leroy Spivey (69),
Jack Swickard (67-68) Dennis Gulich (70-71) Ronnie Disbrow (70-71) and Dale"Trail" Moore (68-70).
Back Row (L to R): Tom Payne (66-67), Glenn Clark (69-70), Reed Kimzey (66-67), Jim Thorne (67-68),
Randy Meade (67-68), Tom Story (67-69) and Raul Smith (68-69).


Glenn Clark (69-70), Gale Truitt's son and Gale Truitt.


Raul Smith (68-69), Randy Meade (67-68) and
Dale "Trail" Moore (68-70) ucking it up!!!

Ronnie Disbro listening as Duane Speirs says
...."there we were coming in too hot to a hot LZ....etc!!
George Owens (CO 66) and Reed Kimzey(66-67).
Glenn Clark (69-70) & Lawrence Smith (69-70)
Reed Kimzey (66-67), Robert Zwink (69-70) and Dave "Bear" Bryant (69-70)
At the reunion but not pictured were also.....Donald Abrams (70-71), Robert Brightwell (68), Jim Ellis (65-66), Edward Farth(70),
Mike Hurley (64-65), Ted Jambon (65-66), Chick Luther (70), Donald Parrish (64-65) & Richard Wessel (68).
If anyone has photos taken at New Orleans and would like to contribute them to this web page,
please contact Tom Payne @

Ft. Rucker, AL ---June 2011

Front Row L to R: Ed Knichten(65-66), Jack Swickard(67-68), Tom Baca(66-67), Fred Eckelmann(68-69),
Mike Breaux (69-71), ?(beard) .
Middle Row L to R: ? , Don Chadwick(63-64), Tommy Thornton(65-66), Frank Maus(63-64),
Pat Matheny(65-66), John Flynn(69)70), George Owens(CO-66), Ted Jambon(65-66),
Richard Mika(63-64), John Ferrara(68-69), ? , ? .
Back Row L to R: ?(patch) , ? (Big Mustache), ? (Behind Mika).

L to R: Fred Holder (64-65), Pat Matheny (65-66)

L to R: Frank Maus (63-64), Mrs Maus, Mrs. Chadwick, Don Chadwick (63-64)

L to R: Jack Swickard (67-68), Tommy Thornton (65-66), Tom Baca (66-67)
Bandits: John Ferrara(68-69), Rickard Mika(63-64), ? , ? , Fred Eckelmann(68-69)

L to R: Tommy Thornton(partial face), Dixie Thornton,
George Owens, Maria OwensMrs. Matheny, Pat Matheny.



San Diego, CA ---July 2010

At the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association annual reunion in San Diego, CA, the 118th AHC "Thunderbirds" held a mini-reunion. 27 former Thunderbirds registered and showed up. The mini-reunion was held in the Marriott Marina Hotel in San Diego and was a highlight for the Thunderbirds. An added surprise for the gathering was the attendance of two Vietnamese ladies who had worked for the 118th at Bien Hoa! Mrs Teresa Vo (known by many of us as Miss Ha Ha), attended with her husband, Paul Vo, a former ARVN officer. They came from Santa Clara, CA. And, all the way from Paris France came Miss Kim who lives in France with her husband and family. It was a wonderful time to see them again and to see how successful and peaceful their lives have been after post-war Vietnam.

Entire Group

21 of the 27 Thunderbirds that registered came to the Mini-reunion and are in this photo.
Not in the photo but at the reunion were, Tom Watson, Larry Smith, Frank Maus, Gil Ferry,
Jim Ellis, and Tom Baca


Kneeling L to R: Dave Bryant, Duane Speirs, Frank Basaldua, Dennis Gulick, Gale Truitt
2nd Row L to R: Bob Rich, John Britton, Pat Franco, Bob Wrinkle, Thomas Morley, Dale Moore
Back Row L to R: Robert Hartman, Tyler Folson, Robert Swick, Glen Clark, Larry Smith.


Jack Swickard, Reed Kimzey, George Owens, Tom Payne

Pat McLarney and Don Chadwick



Jack Swickard and Paul Vo
checking "1 over the World" map.


Teresa Vo "Miss Ha Ha" meeting
George Owens after 44 years.


Mr and Mrs George Owens visit with "Miss Ha Ha"


L to R: Miss Kim, Miss Ha, Paul Vo,
Pat Franco and Mrs Franco.


Mr and Mrs John Clark


L to R: Paul Vo, Jack Swickard,
Sandy Kimzey and Miss Ha


L to R: ? , Dave Bryant, John Penny
(brother of deceased Thunderbird, Bryson Penny).


Going to the VHPA final Banquet are,
L to R: Paul Vo, Teresa Vo, Renee Swickard,
Tom Payne, Wanda Payne and Miss Kim.


Teresa Vo and Paul Vo at final Banquet


Miss Kim and Wanda Payne at final Banquet.


Mr and Mrs George Owens at final Banquet.


The last dance of George Owens and Miss Ha Ha.

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