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Ben Luck, 33rd Opns Officer with
camera hanging on Pitot tube. Note mud
on nose wheel.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Thunderbird Pilots and crews handing
out gum and candy in Cau Mau.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Bob Brandt looks out the window while bullet holes can be seen in the plexiglas just below the seat!
The incident happened near Rach Ghia on Oct 21, 1962. A full account can be read in Bob's book, "Thunderbird Lounge"
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


The molded seat "bucket" where Bob Brandt sat when a 30 cal round came through the side of the H-21. He experienced no injuries because the seat pack survival kitt absorbed the bullets energy.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Mounted 30 cal. M1A1 Browning air cooled machine gun for Crew chief and door gunners.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


33rd Trans. Co. parked at Rach Ghia to participate
in operations with Soc Trang "Tigers" in southern and southwestern IV Corps.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


"Pop" Henderson, one of the oldest and most
experienced CWO pilots in the 33rd Trans. Co.(62)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


John Barnett, taking it easy by "Jelly Belly"(62)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


Bryson E. Penny with "The Goose"(62)
Photo courtesy John Ness)


(L to R) John Ness, Tomas Cruz and
Bryson Penny having a smoke break.(62)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


CW3 John Schommer, XO of 573rd Trans. Det.
getting ready to raise
the "bamboo curtain" for the night.
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


(L to R) Raymond Vierling and John Ness at the Thunderbird Lounge patio(63)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


Don Olsen(L) and Bob "Pop" Edwards in
front of 33rd Opns at Bien Hoa. "Pop" Edwards
was probably the oldest and most experienced
pilot in the unit.(62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Typical dry season red dust at Song Be(63)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)
Heating C-rations with C-4 explosive or fuel for a snack. L to R: Hiene, Billy Reneau,
Ben Luck(with red hat), Earnest Moneymaker
and Sgt ? (63)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Ben Luck, 33rd Opns Officer, "hunkered down" getting Intelligence briefing from local "VC" at Song Be! (63)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


Song Be for lunch. L to R: Timothy Lang, Ken Stanton, Wally Larson and two enlisted crewmen Palmer and Henry Allen. Timothy Lang later died on Aug 30, 1963, with James Wenzel, to become the first casualties of the 33rd/118th.(63)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)


"Mama-San" Harold "Red" Sparling in thongs and conical hat. Bet he didn't carry very much! (63)
(Photo courtesy "Red" Sparling)



CWO Billy Reneau beside "The Goose"(63)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)



Paul Paluch a Crew Chief in the
2nd Platoon(63-64)
(Photo courtesy "Red" Sparling)



Receiving a mission brief. (L to R): Richard Keehn,
Dale Crull, Browder Willis, Bryson Penny,
Anthony Frigeri, "Pop" Edwards, Jerry McGuffey
and Wally Larson. Several others unidentified.(63)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)



"Motley Crew" outside Thunderbird Operations. Squating(L to R): Peter Fabien and Lyman Harris. Standing (L to R): Richard Glasgow, Dick Loynachan, Lloyd Keith, Bryson Penny and Leo Morawski. (62)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


Thomas E. Holmes turning a slab of ribs for a
party on the Thunderbird Lounge patio.(63)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)




L to R: Tom Cruz, Palmer, SGT Allen
and John Ness proudly pose with 30 cal. MG.(63)
(Photo courtesy John Ness)


Playing cards while on stand-by in the shade of a UH-1B at My Tho.
L to R: Chuck Raymond , Jack Todd & Jack McKnight.(63)
(Photo courtesy Dale Minner, MD)


The story behind this mishap was, while taxiing to pick up ARVN troops at Tay Ninh City airfield, the right wheel fell into a covered "well" or hole. As the CH-21 rolled to the right, the blades killed approx. 8 ARVNs standing in a group. No word as to the fate of the 33rd crew.(63)
(Photo courtesy Dale Minner, MD)


Dick Olsen "showing off" the wound he
got at Cu Chi on 22 Jan 1963.
Not too much pain, apparently,
from the smile.(63)
(Photo courtesy of Dick Olsen)


Render Guinn posing beside a 105MM
howitzer, somewhere in III Corps. The
editorial words came on the photo!(63)
(Photo courtesy Render Guinn)


On 30 Apr 63, 1LT Leo Morawski receives the Air Medal
from Brig. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell Jr., Commanding
General U. S. Army Support Group Vietnam, for
meritorious achievment during sustained aerial
combat support to ground forces of the Republic
of Vietnam during the period of
23 Sept to 20 Nov 1962.
(Photo courtesy Leo Morawski)



Down Town Bien Hoa

On final approach to the "Bird Cage", this is a major intersection in Bien Hoa city
that many will remember flying over. Is that the movie theater on the corner?(63)
(Photo courtesy Harold "Chip" Austin)


Afternoon Thundershowers

A great photo from altitude with Duc Hoa in distance. Typical afternoon thundershowers marching from left to right( West to East) cool off the "Plain of Reeds" and pineapple fields during the growing season!(67)
(Photo courtesy Don Goodwin)