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Entering the newly dedicated James E. Bailey Compound above and leaving below.
The compound housed the 118th Aviation Company Headquarters and enlisted
barracks for 118th Aviation Company and A/501st Aviation Company. Note
all the bicycles of Vietnamese workers.(64)
(Photos courtesy Joe Newsome)



L to R: Melvin Koon, Dale Straub,
Earl Palmer and Wood. NVA flag on
wall was captured by Koon and Knisley
at Tan Uyen, N. of Bien Hoa.(64)
(Photo courtesy Melvin Koon)


Relaxing at the Villa? L to R: Granville Couey, Melvin Koon and Eubanks. Melvin Koon's
nick name was "Montagnard"(64)
(Photo courtesy Melvin Koon)


CWO Jess Gossage(65)
(Photo courtesy Pat McLarney)


Jim Viele taking a photo at Dalat.
Note tree beside him is a pine tree....proof
that Dalat had pine trees.(64)
(Photo courtesy Pat McLarney)


Jim Underwood at Villa on Cong Ly street
and unknown
French? motorcycle.(64)
(Photo courtesy Pat McLarney)
A Thunderbird party. 2nd from left (blue shirt)
is Jack "Heavy Duty" Lynch and the fella
with his hands behind his head is
CPT Lionel Waugh, XO . Need help identifying
(Photo courtesy Frank Zipperer)

L to R: 2nd Platoon SSG Joseph James Compa
who was BNR at Dong Xoai and
Crew Chief Fred Holder. (65)
(Photo Courtesy Fred Holder)


Roy Lowery on a day off.(65)
(Photo courtesy Pat McLarney)

This photo was taken by one of the crew about 30min after being shot down by two 30s and one 50 caliber machine gun about three miles west of Phu Hoa Dong, after noon on 4 Oct. '64. I'm sure you recognize the object I'm holding as the collective stick! 1LT Delbert Straub was in the left seat firing the machine guns, and of course, I was flying and firing rockets. We made multiple passes on the machine gun positions (the two 30cals) and made a final with only one door gun and two rockets left. We took a lot of hits from the 30s but on that last run the 50cal brought us down. That's what knocked the collective clear out of the deck. I don't recall how many 50cal hits we took that day, but one just missed my ass by about an inch (hit the magazine of my "green gun" tied behind my seat and disintegrated it). The one that brought us down hit the fuel cell sump pump. All on board earned purple hearts that day, but me! All I got was blisters down my collar from hot brass and a shrapnel cut on my little pinkie. No one was killed, but the observer may have
died later.
(Photo and story courtesy Granville Couey)

July 22, 1965

UH-1B, 62-04583, as it appeared after being damaged by a grenade that landed outside, only a few feet away. The 118th Avn Co. was in support of B/2/16th Inf. around Bien Hoa on the very first Big Red One's offensive operation after their arrival in Vietnam. The Bn Commander, LTC Lloyd L. Burke, was on board this aircraft and was directing armed helicopters in support of a sweep, when the aircraft was apparently hit by a VC hand grenade (possibly RPG). LTC Burke, nicknamed "Scooter", was a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in Korea as a 1LT in 1952. There were six on board and all were wounded; WO Lawrence Lombard (Aircraft Commander}, CPT Jack Waters (1st PLT Cmdr), LTC Lloyd L. Burke and a CPT from his unit as well as Frank Amisano (Door Gunner) and the yet unidentified Crew Chief. The gunner, Frank Amisano, was on his first flight as a gunner.
Article which appeared in Stars and Stripes shortly after the incident.
Provided by Frank Amisano


Same B Model showing shrappnel damage
which wounded 6 people on board. (65)
(Photo courtesy Everett Runnells
by way of Frank Amisano)


Fella taking photo is CPT Lionel Waugh, the
XO of the 118th Thunderbirds. On left is a
Medic apparently working with WO1 Larry
Lombard or the unnamed Crew
Chief of the aircraft.(65)
(Photo courtesy Everett Runnells
by way of Frank Amisano)


After CPT Jack Waters flew the aircraft back to
Bien Hoa, medical personal were waiting and here
we see them working on WO1 Larry Lombard
and unknown Crew Chief.(65)
(Photo courtesy Everett Runnells
by way of Frank Amisano)


Same Red Thunderbird 6 aircraft following an
attempt to fly during a night-time
mortar/rocket attack.(65)
(Photo courtesy Everett Runnells
by way of Frank Amisano)
WO1 Larry Lombard was the AC on the aircraft and was sitting just inside the door. His peter pilot was 1LT Jack Waters who was slightly injured in the knee, but was able to fly the helicopter to Med-Evac all on board to the hospital(Saigon). Larry Lombard regained consciousness in the hospital and asked the doctor if he could fly again. The doctor responded, "Sure, anytime you buy an airline ticket." Lombard's wounds were serious enough to warrant evacuation to the US. Records indicate that six people on board were wounded. However, the names of the other crew members or the other wounded observer , are not known.
(Photo and details courtesy Jack Waters)


Discussing the day's flights are
L to R: MAJ William Guam ,
CPT "Red" Henderson &
WO Clint Downing. Note maintenance
hanger in background and the painted
PSP fence. (64)
(Photo courtesy Pat McLarney)


Frank Zipperer going over pilot records
in Thunderbird Operations.(64)
(Photo courtesy Frank Zipperer)


Frank Zipperer in Bien Hoa cyclo with local "VC" doing the work. (65)
(Photo courtesy Jim Viele)


Frank Zipperer in Bien Hoa doing the work
for the "VC" (65)
(Photo courtesy Jim Viele)


Gary Cole, 118th Mail Clerk (64)
(Photo courtesy Gary Cole)


Harry L. Paul, EM Club Manager (64)
(Photo courtesy Gary Cole)


Rodger Peeler, Unit courier, etc. (64)
(Photo courtesy Gary Cole)


SFC William J. Haney, 118th Mess SGT. (63-65)
(Photo courtesy Gary Cole)


Good buddies, L to R : Jim Larson,
Robert Hutch craft
and Huffing. Notice the original
118th Avn. Co. (AML) pennant on wall.(64)
(Photo courtesy James Larson)


Group of EM in their club called the
"Bird Cage"(64)
(Photo courtesy James Larson)


Friends on a trip to Saigon.
L to R: Jim Larson and brothers, Phil Ryan
and Fred Ryan(64)
(photo courtesy James Larson)

SP4 Padilla, the CO's driver in
front of the 118th Orderly Room.(64)
(Photo courtesy James Larson)


Ron Feldman(L) and Martin Lehotay(R)
"horsing" around in the barracks.(65)
(Photo courtesy Martin Lehotay)


Good Buddies, after a few beers. L to R:
? , Martin "Pipes" Lehotay.(65)
(Photo courtesy Martin Lehotay)


Every pilot and crew member knows
how to "Inspect" the Huey tail boom
after being in the aircraft for 2 hours!
Unidentified pilot.(65)
(Photo courtesy Martin Lehotay)


Good Buddies, Donald Hoffman (L) &
Martin Lehotay(R), doing some
shopping in the town of Bien Hoa.(65)
(Photo courtesy Martin Lehotay)


John N. Dailey member of the 118th(64).
John went on to become BG John Dailey and inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame
in 2001!
(Photo courtesy Frank Zipperer) 


CWO Reginald P. Mason after last flight!
Due to DROS.(65)
(Photo courtesy Ted Jambon)


118th Orderly Room and HQ.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


1SGT Spruel in front of Orderly Room.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


1LT Michael Citrano(L) and 1LT Kenneth Gilbert(R) with two birds that they hit!
Wonder how they tasted?(65)
(Photo courtesy Jack Grasmeder)




LTC Chuck Honour , CO 145th CAB
awarding Silver Star and Air medals to
CPT Jack Grasmeder on 27 Oct 65.
Behind on right is 1LT Michael Citrano.
(Photo courtesy Jack Grasmeder)


SP5 Phillip Arsenault in Thunderbird
Note woven mat ceiling. (65)
(Photo courtesy Jack Grasmeder)


"Hustler" Ken Chien doing his thing with
unidentified person at the Thunderbird Club
pool table in the Villa on Cong Ly street in
Bien Hoa. (65).
(Photo courtesy Ron Madsen)


At last!!! DROS arrives and they are going
HOME!!Helmut Fischer and Don Penny
buy drinks in the Thunderbird Bar on
Cong Ly Street.(65)
(Photo courtesy Ron Madsen)


CW2 Howard Bennett (L) and
WO1 Larry Mobley making the daily
"commute" from Cong Ly Street
to Bien Hoa Air base in 2 1/2 truck.(1965)
(Photo courtesy Ron Madsen)




William "Bill" Wilkerson is next to go home according to the DROS Board(65)
(Photo courtesy Bill Wilkerson)


William "Bill" Wilkerson at the ready
with AR-15. Note the new UH-1D in
(Photo courtesy Bill Wilkerson)


Unknown SP4 Thunderbird crew member
with Montagnard village women and
children in Song Be area. Note their
small size compared to the American!(65)
(Photo courtesy Martin Lehotay)


Interesting photo of Thunderbird UH-1D
hovering beside a fire. Possibly aiding
firefighters in training or actually
putting out fire.(64)
(Photo courtesy Jim Larson)


The "Good Life" on Cong Ly street!
L to R: Ron Madsen, Bill Wilkerson,
Fred Miller.(65)
(Photo courtesy Bill Wilkerson)
Interesting photo by Crew Chief of pilot. Note
the Duct tape covering the white APH-4 helmet.
Also, note the DECCA map above the instrument
(Photo courtesy Jack Waters) 


Photo showing pilots in discussion in
118th Opns. L to R: ? , ? , Harvey Stewart,
Johnny Phillips and Gerald Cubine
(leaning on wall).(65)
(Photo courtesy Jack Waters)

"Taking Five" while waiting for a mission
for the Senior Advisor at An Loc or
perhaps, Song Be. (65)
(Photo courtesy Bruce Tassin)


CPT Joe D. Newsome with
"Bowie" knife.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)

CWO Don Parrish receiving Purple Heart in awards ceremony from 145th CAB Bn Cmdr.
LTC Cunningham.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


SP4 Charles Stone receiving AirMedal
from 118th CO, MAJ Harvey Stewart.(65)
(Photo courtesy David Vandenburg)


SP5 Richard Voorhees receiving Air Medal
from 118th CO, MAJ Harvey Stewart.(65)
(Photo courtesy David Vandenburg


CWO Earl Palmer receives an Air Medal
from 145th CAB CO, LTC Cunningham.
to the right of Palmer is
Jim Viele and right of Viele is
Frank Zipperer.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


CWO Josh Gomez receives an Air Medal
and Purple Heart from LTC Cunningham.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


CWO Granville Couey receives an award
from Lt. Gen. Ben Harrell.(65)
(Photo courtesy David Vandenburg)
LTC Cunningham awards an Air Medal
award to 1LT George Horn.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)
SP4 Larry Campbell, Crew Chief, receiving
Air Medal and Purple Heart from
Lt. Gen. Ben Harrell.(65)
(Photo courtesy David Vandenburg)


WO1 John Sparks sitting on Lambretta
scooter at Cong Ly villa.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


WO Larry McKelvey in left
seat of Bandit gun ship. Note flex-gun
remote controls and sight-system hanging
in front of him.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


Bandits wait at the Cong Ly Villa to
go to the flight line.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


WO1 John Fuller.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


CPT Jack Islin, CO of 1st Platoon,
helping himself to food prepared for
Hail and Farewell party at Cong Ly Villa.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe D. Newsome)


Somber group at Thunderbird Lounge at Villa on Cong Ly Street. L to R: ??, ??, Mike Hurley, Val York and Pat McLarney.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe D. Newsome)

The "famous" Jupiter Club on the Bien Hoa
Airbase were many an EM went to have
a "33" beer.(65)
(Photo courtesy David Vandenburg)


SGT Bill Musto fulfilling his duty as
"Sgt of the Guard" for the 118th.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


Champagne and Weber at some lounge.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


Crew Chief Don Roof with typical kids
who always seemed to have
"Coka" to sell or trade for "C"
rations or cigarettes.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


Sgt Martin with same kids.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


Crew Chief SP5 Tucker in 118th
Company area.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)


Wayne Beaver while at Vung Tau
on R & R.(65)
(Photo courtesy Don Roof)