We honor the following 82 pilots, crewmembers and enlisted men
who gave their lives, or was a POW, in service to the
United States of America
while assigned to the 33rd Transportation Company
or the 118th Assault Helicopter Company




Acosta, SP4 John Wayne (68)
Adams, SP4 James Richard (67)

Alexander, CWO Nicholas Richard (68)

Amison, Jr., CPL Roosevelt (67)
Ante, 1LT James Louis (67)

Armstrong , WO Charles Joseph (69)

Asplund, WO Marcus Ray (68)

Bailey, CW4 James Albert (69)

Bailey, SSG James Edwin (64)
Bain, PFC Thomas Arthur (64)
Barrera, Jr., SP4 Raul Roy (69)
Billero, Jr., SP4 Michael James (66)

Brinkoetter, WO James Albert (68)
Brockman, CPT Richard Belton (67)
Bubar, PFC Richard Perley (64)
Carroll, SP4 David (67)
Caughey, SP4 James Edward (64)
Caughman, SP4 McKinley (67)

Childers, 1LT Phillip Don (65)
Church, SP4 Alvin Ray (68)
Collins, SP4 Horace Cleveland (65)

Creal, CW2 Carl Martin (69)

Fillers, CPT Donald Jay (65)
Foley, 2LT Douglas Lee (65)
Frazee, Jr, SGT George Howard (65)
Gill, CPL David Eugene (65)
Gonzales, SP4 Michael Filbert (69)

Gosney, MAJ. Durward Dean (64)
Green, Clifford Newton (70)
Gurnsey, SP4 Earl F. (POW-68)

Haakensen, WO David Arnold (66)
Hanley, PFC Joseph Thomas (64)
Harden, SP4 James Arno (67)
Havemann, WO James Edward (64)
Heck, SP5 Ronald David (70)

Hirano, CW2 Owen Tetsumi (69)
Irving, Jr., 1LT John William (65)

Ketner, Jr., WO Harold K. (67)

Kuhns, WO David Paul (66)
Lacey, SP4 William G. (67)
La Flemme, SP4 Delbert Charles (64)
Lanelli, SP5 Jack Daniel (65)
Lang, 1LT Timothy Michael (63)

Larocque, WO Leslie Howard (68)
Lewter, SP4 Stanley Reed (68)
Magistro, SP4 Anthony Philip (67)

Mason, Jr., 1LT Robert Scott (69)

Mattern, WO Ricky Palmer (67)
Midgett, PVT Dewey Allen (67)
Myatt, PVT John Carnul (63)
Nece, PFC Herbert James (66)
Oakley, PFC William Joseph (65)
O'Keefe, SP4 Ronald Thomas (64)
Perkins, WO Allen Dean (69)

Pfoutz, WO Myron McClelland (65)

Piper, CW2 Edward Roger (65)

Riggins, CPT Gary Ronald (64)

Rothenbuhler, 2LT Lynn Harley (63)

Rushing , 1LT Kenneth Roger (71)
Ryan, SP4 Thomas Lawrence (70)
Saffle, Jr., CPT Edgar Joe (67)
Schold, SP4 Ray Arthur (67)
Scott, SP5 Greg Bradford (69)
Sherrill, CW2 Vann Dwain (65)
Sickler, SP4 Joseph Harry (64)
Simpson, SP5 William James (68)
Spencer, SP4 Danny Ray (69)
Stecker, SP4 Dennis Eugene (70)

Stimpson, 1LT Paul Lewis
Tooloose, WO Dale Leroy (65)
Triggs, PFC Foster F. (65)
Turchi, SP4 Louis C. (66)
Vollmer, SP5 Donald Gene (69)
Washburn, SP4 Johnny Lee (67)
Wenzel, CPT James Edward (63)

Wilson, WO Michael Richard (68)
Young, PFC James Howard (68)
Zelinko, PFC George Allen (65)
Body Not Recovered (BNR)
Compa, SSG Joseph James (65)
Hagen, SGT Craig Louis (65)
Hall, CPT Walter Louis (65)

Saegaert, WO Donald Russell (65)
Turner, SP4 James Henry (69)

Note: If you would like to know more details about any of the men above, here is how. The year to the right of their name, ie. (68), is a different color. This year is linked to the incident report telling some of the details.


(Photo courtesy Frank Zipperer (64-65)
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