Patch courtesy Jeff Williams,


Medical Detachment


Original "Cheap Charlie" 93rd Med Detachment pocket patch. (66-67)
(Patch courtesy Lyndon V. Lawler )


The 93rd Medical Detachment was placed in the TO & E of the 33rd Transportation Company, the 118th Aviation Company(AML) and finally the 118th Assault Helicopter Company to see to the health and welfare of the all personnel assigned to the unit. Because of the need for someone well versed in the needs of the pilots of the 118th, the Medical Doctor/Commander, was also a Flight Surgeon.

While the medical needs within the unit were quite varied and sometimes non-pressing, the members of the Detachment became involved in related activities, even flying. Stories abound about Detachment Medics and Specialists serving on Thunderbird aircraft as crew members and observers, always serving quite gallantly.

The Flight Surgeon and his medical personnel very often flew with the Company in the Command & Control aircraft to offer assistance during unit operations. This was the case when the 118th was involved in the Battle of Dong Xoai when the Flight Surgeon(name not known)directed the medical care and evacuation of wounded ARVN troops from Dong Xoai to Phouc Vinh.




Flight Surgeon


 CPT William W. Mears, MD
MSGT James Taylor

CPT Dale
Minner, MD 
 SGT Street
(May 63-May64)

 CPT James W.
Ralph, MD
 SGT Earl R. Janney

 CPT Burton H. Kaplan, MD
 SGT Earl R. Janney

 CPT Joseph Altomonte, MD
(Mar 65-Oct 66)
19 months
 SFC Harold Henley
SP6 Benjamin G. Ashford III

CPT Marvin Marchman, MD
SP5 James A. Glover


 CPT Sutherland, MD

 CPT David Chase, MD

 CPT David Chase, MD

 CPT Bruno, MD


The very first 93rd Medical Detachment of Flight Surgeon
CPT William W. "Doc" Mears.
Note his jeep to be a M-38A1 and not M-151. (62)
(Photo courtesy Ben Luck)



Unidentified men in the 93rd Med. Det.
(Photo courtesy Joe Newsome)


CPT Dale Minner, MD,
Flight Surgeon.
(Photo courtesy Dale Minner, MD)



CPT Dale Minner, MD the 93rd CO and Flight Surgeon for the 118th, 1964-65.
(Photo courtesy Dale Minner, MD)


CPT Burton Kaplan, 118th Flight Surgeon,
with pistol belt talking with unidentified
SGT at PZ for CA at Tan An.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe E. Newsome)


SGT Earl Janney, NCOIC 93rd Med Det.,
being "begged" by children for C-Ration
candy at 118th aid station set up at Ben Cat
for CA. WO McKelvey smiles while laying on
(Photo courtesy Joe D. Newsome)


NCOIC of 93rd Med Det, SGT Earl R. Janney
giving "aid" to children at Ben Cat.
CPT Burton Kaplan watches in the
foreground in t-shirt.(65)
(Photo courtesy Joe D. Newsome)


 Flight Surgeon, CPT Joseph Altomonte, MD.
flying as a gunner/observer visits
with others.
(L to R: Crew Chief SP5 Westcott,
SGT Earl R. Janney , "Doc" Altamonte)
(Photo courtesy James W. "Bill" Griffin)


Apparently, DROS time for SFC Harold Henley
(L). Middle was CPT Joseph F. Altomonte, MD
and SGT William Summers , Ass't NCOIC (R)(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon V. Lawler)


L to R: SGT Lyndon V. Lawler, SFC Harold Henley,
NCOIC and SGT William Summers, Ass't NCOIC(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon V. Lawler)


Door of 93rd Medical Detachment with list of names who
"lived" there taken from sandbag bunker:
SFC Henley, SGT Flaig, SP5 Ray, SP4 Summers, SP4 Hoffman,
SP4 Marietta & PFC Lawler. (66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


Sand bag bunker outside 93rd hooch with
ambulance and litters "at the ready."(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


3/4 T ambulances of 93rd Med. Detachment parked
outside the 93rd Aviation Dispensary. Having two ambulances(authorized only one)
was a SNAFU by Quartermaster in Saigon!!(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


93rd Aviation Dispensary on Bien Hoa Air base.(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


93rd Med Detachment and 198th Signal Detachment
having a party at the flight line.(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


"Party animals" with Playboy berets.
L to R: SP4 Martin Jarrell, and SGT William
Summers. Story was the ribs were "medically evacuated"
by ambulance from the Officers compound
on Cong Ly Street in Bien Hoa(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


PFC LeVille tending to a medical problem of
Thunderbird EM's puppy (See photo below right).(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


PFC Charles T. Smith with little monkey
friend sitting on old PSP at flight line.(66)
(Photo courtesy of Lyndon Lawler)


PFC Smith with children on trip to Saigon.(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


PFC Harry Melville with "doctored" puppy.
Note bandaged front leg.....?
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


SFC Harold Henley, NCOIC of 93rd Med. Det.(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


SFC Harold Henley, NCOIC of 93rd Med. Det.(66)
(photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


SGT William Summers on sand bag bunker.(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


SP4 Lyndon Lawler with "Bowie" knife at ready
in a virtual "Sea of Sand Bags!!(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)

Ly Ly's........"Short-time, GI? "Number 1"(66)
(Photo courtesy Lyndon Lawler)


118th Flight Surgeon, CPT Marvin Marchman, MD
on a MEDCAP mission in Bien Hoa.(66)
(Photo from "145th CAB, A Pictorial History, Vol 1.")

In addition, the 93rd Medical Detachment participated in what was known as Medical Civic Action Programs or MEDCAP. These programs were highly encouraged by Military Assistance Command Vietnam(MACV). MEDCAPs sought to provide medical screening and simple procedures to the Vietnamese civilian population where very little medical care was available. Also included, when supplies were available, was immunizations and minor surgery. Other medical specialties were provided by US Army/Air Force Dentists, Optometrists, etc. as well as health education programs taught by medical personnel.


CPT Marvin "Doc" Marchman, Flight Surgeon for the 118th AHC "Thunderbirds"
riding a cyclo with SSG Willingham on the back.--67
(Photo courtesy Raymond Roloff)

"Band-Aid 6"
The famous "Band-Aid 6" in all its glory parked in the compound at
"Thunderbird" Villa on Cong Ly Street in Bien Hoa.(67)
(Hope the chain is in place and locked!!)
(Photo courtesy Marvin Marchman, MD)

93rd Med Detachment ambulance--67
(Photo courtesy Raymond Roloff)
Medic Milton "Twiggy" Ferrell beside the 68th AHC "Tiger Med" ambulance--67
(Photo courtesy Raymond Roloff)



145th CAB Dispensary--67
(Photo courtesy Raymond Roloff)

New "Home Sweet Home" for the 93rd Medical Detachment
of the 118th AHC on Bailey Compound, Bien Hoa Air base. All Med Detachemtns of
the 145th CAB utilized this quonset bldg. (67-68)
(Photo courtesy Dr. Marvin "Doc" Marchman, MD)


Medics of the 93rd Medical Detachment, Bien Hoa (67)
Standing L to R: SGT H. Glenn Rupp, SGT Willingham , Milton "Twiggy" Ferrell.
Squatting L to R: PFC Raymond Roloff , PFC Screvens, "Frenchy" PFC Ed deVarennes.
(Photo from "145th CAB, A Pictorial History, Vol 1.")